Estonia to build fence along Russian border

Estonia says it is possible to build fence between two countries to protect against border violations from undocumented migrants, wild animals

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

The Estonia-Russia border crossing at Luhamaa

Updated Aug 28, 2015

The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) has said it wants to build a high-tech fence on the border with Russia. The fence may be 2.5 metre-high on and run along 110 kilometres of the Estonian-Russian border.

Construction would begin in 2018, Estonian Interior Ministry spokesman Toomas Viks said.

“The aim of the construction is to cover the land border with 100 percent, around-the-clock technical surveillance to create ideal conditions for border guarding and to ensure the security of Estonia and the Schengen area,” Viks told AFP.

In addition, the plan to build a fence along Estonia's eastern border with Russia has been in the works since last year, Viks said.

The fence will not cover the complete border between the two nations. Narva River and Lake Peipus are also on the border are 76 and 126 kilometres in length respectively.

The plan is to build a fence with a strip of a sand next to the fence, followed by the placement of security cameras with border posts and a smaller fence to keep small animals from setting off sensors.

Estonian authorities claim the fence can reduce the number of border violations which has registered 43 violations on the land border with Russia this year alone. The announcement of the fence comes as regional tensions have increased due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Konstantin Kosachev, the head of the Russian Parliament’s International Committee, said that the real purpose of the wall initiative is to show Russia as a threat to the rest of Europe.

Furthermore, Kosachev advised Estonia not to spend money on the wall to solve Estonia’s economic problems rather than making an ideological monument and descried the all project as "nonsense."

The total cost of the work is estimated at about 71 million euros.

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