EU has no plan “B” if Britain leaves

European Union Finance Commissioner Pierre Moscovici says European Commission has no plan "B" if Britain votes to leave EU

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Pierre Moscovici presents the EU executive's winter economic forecasts during a news conference at the EU Commission headquarters in Brussels, Belgium February 4, 2016.

European Union Finance Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said on Sunday that in the case Britain votes to leave the Union, the EU Commission will have no plan "B" to fall back on.

Britons will vote June 23 on whether to remain as a member of the EU. Some recent polls showed that half of British citizens voted in favour of leaving membership of the EU.

Also, "British people are not happy with the status quo and believe that the EU needs to change in order to better address their concerns," said British Prime Minister David Cameron in December, 2015.

Moreover,  European Union Finance Commissioner Pierre Moscovici gave a statement about EU plans. "No, no and no, there is no plan 'B'. It doesn't help us in any way to envisage disaster scenarios,'' he said.

"The day we start talking about a plan `B' is the day we no longer believe in our plan 'A'. I have just one plan. The United Kingdom in a united Europe," Moscovici added.

Also he said Europe was facing existential challenges, in particular the Greek debt and refugee crises have affected the EU’s unity and economical power.

"It is a lot of crises, but these are European problems, but they are also international. The idea that you could find national solutions to these problems which are international is a lie," Moscovici said.

"If there was a vote for Great Britain to leave the EU, it will be an inversion of the historic dynamic of the past years which has seen more countries join the bloc.''

TRTWorld, Reuters