EU President apologizes for recognising Catalonia

European parliament leader apologises for treating Catlonia as a member state

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A Spanish politician in favour of the Catalonian unification has complained to the European Parliament that Catalonia is separate from official Spanish documents. Martin Schulz, leader of the European Parliament apologized for insinuation Catalonia is independent.

Spanish politician Enrique Calvet Chambon said that Schulz acknowledged the error present in official procedures and apologized.

Calvet said that he wrote a complaint document stating that Catalonian documentation are separate from Spain’s as thought it was recognised as a separate member state of the European Union.

A document distributed in the parliament included information of the National Assemblies of member states, one document included information on the Catalan parliament. Calvet refused the document and said it "seemed to grant this regional parliament with the status of a nation".

"This is a serious error with serious political consequences and unfortunate discrimination for other Spanish and European regions," he added.

"Given this incomprehensible error that had apparently gone unnoticed for some time, I fulfilled my political duty of defending the unity and equality of Spanish citizens and respect for European regions and raised a complaint with the President of the European Parliament with a successful outcome."

Schulz immediately replied with a personal letter to Calvet admitting it was an ‘unfortunate error’ and an inquiry had opened for begun ‘‘an internal investigation into the causes of the erroneous insertion of the Catalan parliament in the information included at the end of the 2015 planner distributed to MEPs".

"I would therefore like to thank you for detecting and letting us know about this error, which will allow the EP's services to correct it for future editions, starting with the 2016 one which will enter production this summer," the Parliament’s President said.

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