European-Turkish NGO urges action over PKK-linked attacks

Turkish-European NGO urges German authorities to take effective security measures against PKK-linked attacks which have targeted its branches across continent

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

A car, allegedly damaged by a PKK-linked attack, spotted in an undisclosed location in Europe an undated photo.

The Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD), which is a European-Turkish nongovernmental organisation, has expressed concerns over attacks against its branches across Europe, including in Germany.

"Unfortunately, we are facing serious attacks on our branches by supporters of the PKK terrorist organisation," Zafer Sirakaya, head of the body, told Anadolu Agency on Tuesday.

Sirakaya said the attacks not only targeted the group's branches but also public order and German democracy. He has urged German authorities to take effective measures against such attacks.

"Attacks on our branches, which are attempts against life, seriously worry us," he said.

Sirakaya also said the UETD will hold a press conference in order to raise the issue on April 1.

The logo of the Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD)

Turkey has previously voiced concerns over such attacks, indicating that incendiary actions and attacks that target Turkish citizens and nongovernmental organisations in Europe also represent a serious threat to the entire continent.

"We are worriedly following terror attacks against the branch offices and members of the Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD) in Germany in the recent period," Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu tweeted.

Three unidentified assailants threw Molotov cocktails on the personal car of the UETD’s Hamburg head Muhterem Gungor on Tuesday. His vehicle was targeted as it was parked in front of his house.

Since last summer, more than 10 attacks have taken place against UETD branches and mosques across Europe.

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