Eurotunnel resumes service after refugees break in

Service in Euro Tunnel between France and UK resumes after being suspended due to chaos caused by 100 refugees trying to pass into UK from French port city of Calais

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Train in the Eurotunnel between France and UK

Traffic in the Eurotunnel between the United Kingdom and France has been partially resumed after being suspended due to the chaos caused by refugees entering the tunnel, Eurotunnel's Le Shuttle Passenger service announced on Saturday.

More than 100 refugees stormed the tunnel's entrance terminal in the French city of Calais late on Friday in an attempt to reach the UK. Eyewitnesses said that seven refugees were injured as well as security guards. The disruption near the tunnel entrance halted train traffic for hours.

"At around 12:30am [22:30 GMT on Friday], about 100 migrants forced a closure and the entry of security agents into the tunnel," a Eurotunnel spokeswoman told Associated France Presse.

The spokesman said, “They ran through the terminal, knocking some staff to the ground and throwing stones at them."

This incident is part of a major refugee crisis in Europe - the worst the continent has seen since World War Two.

Thousands of refugees from Africa, the Middle East and Asia have been camping at Calais city near the tunnel in poor humanitarian conditions.

At least 13 refugees have died since 26 June in vain in attempts to reach Britain.

The UK has intensified security measures, including erecting fences on the French side of the tunnel, intended to prevent refugees getting onto platforms and trains.

Eurotunnel says that the number of refugees attempting to get into the terminal has decreased to around 150 a night from around 2000 last month.

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