Experts say help needed to decode black box of downed jet

Russian investigation commission says they will seek help to retrieve data from black box of downed jet, process will take long

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Damaged data board from the recorder of the Russian warplane downed by Turkey was projected on a screen during a news conference, in Moscow, Russia, Friday, Dec. 18, 2015.

The Russian investigation commission on Monday said recovering contents of the black box of the downed Russian jet which violated Turkish airspace last month is currently impossible due to damage.

The Russian Air Force’s flight safety service, Sergey Bainetov said that, experts examining the contents of the flight recorder reported that 13 of the 16 microchips situated inside the black box are completely destroyed.

A microchip from the Russian Su-24 jets memory card may still be in good enough condition to retrieve data, but may take time.

"Microchip BDD5 may still be operational, because X-ray examination has identified no internal physical damage," Bainetov added.

Due to the damage, examiners are reportedly required to use advanced technology to restore the data.  

"The existing methods with the use of the organic equipment of the Izmeritel factory and the Interstate Aviation Committee can’t be used at present to restore and read the flight data from microchips due to their internal damage," he said.

Turkey downed a Russian warcraft on November 24 over air space violation. Since then ties between Moscow and Ankara have been marred.

Hours after the incident took place, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) released radar images of the incident which showed the course of the Russian aircraft.

Russia denies that it violated Turkey’s airspace and says that the jet was flying in Syrian airspace about 5.5 kilometres from the border with Turkey.

Kremlin had set high hopes on the investigation to support its claim that there was no air airspace violation.

Experts from China, the United Kingdom and the United States were present during the investigation process of the jet's black box.

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