Explosion in Macedonia targeting Albanian party

Headquarters of Macedonia’s largest Albanian party, DUI, attacked, no injuries reported

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Macedonia’s Democratic Union for Interrogation (DUI)‘s headquarters became the target of an attack on Sunday.

A bomb exploded at the DUI’s headquarters in Mala Recica, a Macedonian village near the border of Albania, at 10.00 pm local time.

According to witness accounts, an unidentified attacker threw an explosive object while riding a motorcycle.

Police encircled the area in an investigation, and reported that they did not find any injuries or material damage from the attack.

Mala Recica is a region with a population of 8,000 people, most of whom are Albanian.

In 2014, anonymous protesters organised a rally against the death sentences given to six Albanian Muslims for the murders of ethnic Macedonians in 2012.

Many ethnic Albanians believed that Prime Minister Gruevski put pressure on the court for the conviction of the six. They protested against both Gruevski and his party’s coalition partner in government, DUI.

Gruevski denied the allegations, and the Albanian authorities recommended calm. A rally against the sentences turned violent and police used tear gas and water cannon against the protesters.

The DUI and Gruevski’s leading party in the Republic of Macedonia, VMRO-DPMNE, have worked together since 2011 in the Macedonian parliament. According to the Macedonian press, Macedonian Albanians have criticised the DUI for its support of Gruevksi. Ethnic Albanians accuse Gruevski of discriminating against ethnic minorities.

Ethnic Albanians in Macedonia consist of 25 percent of the country’s population. They live mainly in a region which close to the borders of Albania’ and Kosovo. Tensions between the  Albanian community and Macedonians worsened in 2001.

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