Fake document suppliers arrested by Greek police

Greek police arrests 10 people for providing fake documentation to refugees

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Refuguees get their documents checked while arriving at the port ofPiraeus

Greek police have carried out an operation in which 10 foreigners were arrested for providing refugees with fake passports and documents.

The foreigners were operating in the Greek island of Lesbos and in the Attica region where they were monitored by Greek police.    

"This criminal organisation has provided more than 100 Greek passports and identity cards so far, charging between 300 and 700 euros depending on the document," a police official told Reuters.

The fake documents held a stamp which would allow their holders not to have their fingerprints taken when they arrive on the island. The refugees would then use the documents to travel on from Greece.        

Many refugees, especially those fleeing from the Middle East, pass through Greece onto other European countries as the country is a member of the EU's Schengen free travel zone.

So far about 600,000 refugees have passed to Greece in order to cross into other European countries like Germany.                        

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