Finland calls on reservists amid tensions with Russia

Finland calls on close to one million reservists

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Finland’s military unit has called on close to one million reservists to inform them of their responsibilities if a ‘crisis’ was to emerge.

Finland shares a 1300 km border with Russia, which also accumulates to being the largest border of the European Union with Russia.

The Finnish government decided to be on the move after reports of Nato and Russian warplanes crossed over each other’s borders in the Baltic and English channel.

Finnish television channels also screened a broadcast for reservists that “conscription is the cornerstone of Finland’s defence capability.”

Finland’s ministry of defence denied the call for reservists of having anything to do with security measures against Russia.

Finland’s defence minister Carl Haglund said “The aim of this isn’t to give out sort of message at all [to Russia].”

A spokesman from the Finnish Defence forces too denied Russia’s role for the call saying the campaign has been two years in the making.

“The reservist letter is associated with our intention to develop communications with our reservists, and not the prevailing security situation,” the spokesman said.

Finland is not a Nato member.

The Finnish army is relatively small in size but can call on conscripts in a ‘crisis’ situation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s chief economic advisor Andrej Illarionov, during 2000-2005, had claimed the Russian president believed that blocs of Finland should rightfully be under the control of the Russian state. No such claims have been repeated by the Russian government.

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