Fire erupts in 'Jungle' refugee camp at French port Calais

Fire erupts in 'Jungle' refugee camp at French port Calais after hundreds are killed in Paris terror attacks, no casualties reported

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Calais refugee camp, France.

A fire broke out in "the Jungle" refugee camp at the French port of Calais, in the hours following the Paris terror attacks, leaving at least 129 dead and approximately 200 injured.

Injuries have not yet been reported, but 40 shelters have been destroyed due to the fire. 

According to on ground organisations, damages were the result of a small fire that got out of control.

Hundreds of refugees who have been living in difficult conditions following a long and dangerous escape to Europe have been ofrced to evacutae the camp due to the fire. 

Over 2,500 metres of tents and shelters were burnt down in the fierce blaze which was believed to have been caused by an electrical wire. 

This isn't the first time a fire broke out at "the Jungle," at the beginning of this year, another explotion erupted from a cooking accident, luckily there were no casulaties reported. 

Furthermore, at least 15 refugees have died in Calais since the end of June while attempting to take the undersea passage into the United Kingdom.

According to the International Organisation for Migration, 773,244 refugees have reached Europe’s shores so far this year and Calais is part of the current refugee crisis across Europe.

Calais refugee camp, France
Calais refugee camp, France. (Photo:AFP)

French media has reported 7 seperate attacks killed 129 people in one night, as gun violence and bomb attacks erupted in Paris just after midnight on Friday night.

The fire that erupted in "the Jungle" shortly after the heinous attacks in Paris started controversy at the refugee camp if it could have been related to the Paris attacks.

French press newspapers reported that some 2,500 squares metres of the camp went up in smoke but there is no evidence that the incidents are related.


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