Firebrand politician Galloway to run for London mayor

Respect Party leader George Galloway to run in London’s next mayoral elections

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

George Galloway, a former British member of parliament and the leader of the Respect Party, announced on Sunday his candidacy for the next mayor of London.

Known for his fiery speeches and outspokenness against British foreign policy in the Middle-East, the 60-year-old left-wing politician vowed to fight “social cleansing” in London and solve the city’s “housing crisis.”

Having lost his seat for Bradford West in last month’s general election, shortly after his defeat Galloway indicated his will to embark upon this new path in his political career when he pledged to "build a city that benefits everyone, not just those dripping in gold."

Galloway will seek to replace London’s current Conservative mayor Boris Johnson in the race for City Hall, with elections scheduled for May 2016.

Johnson, who was previously described by Galloway as a “blond buffoon,” is due to step down as London mayor after completing his second term in office.

Six candidates from the UK’s main opposition Labour Party will also run to become London’s next mayor, the party announced on Saturday.

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