Five die as 550 migrants rescued in Italy

Five of the 550 migrants die on rescued immigrant ship in port of Sicily

Photo by: MSF
Photo by: MSF

More than 550 migrants crossing the Mediterranean sea have been rescued while five died in the southern Italian island of Sicily on Monday, AFP reported.

Migrants that required medical aid and the dead bodies were immediately cared for by Doctors Without Borders (MSF- Médecins Sans Frontières) in Palermo.

The aid group said that migrants used several different boats while travelling.

Christopher Miller, a correspondent from the Mashable news agency, posted on his personal Twitter account that the main reasons for the fatalities were dehydration, exhaustion and surface wounds.

According to tests, dehydration was the cause of death for the 5 victims, 4 women and 1 man.  They were among the group of 112 migrants that were rescued on Saturday.

MSF stated on their official Twitter account that “Those who died, are not just numbers. One was this child’s mother,” while sharing a photo of a child playing with his toy.

Loris De Filippi, the humanitarian operator and president of MSF, stated that survivors need emergency operations, AFP reported.

Filippi also said that Europe has to open new legal routes to allow migrants and refugees in.

According to International Organization for Migration's announcement last month, close to 2,000 migrants have died, while around 150,000 people succeeded in crossing the Mediterranean sea in 2015.

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