Footage shows police throwing food at refugees in Hungary

Hungarian police filmed throwing food and water at crowded group of people included children in the Roszke refugee camp

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Hungarian police tossing food and water at refugees in Roszke camp

A video shared by Austrian politician Alexander Spritzendorfer shows Hungarian police throwing food and water at refugee crowd in Roszke camp near Serbian border.

The recorded video at a food bank in the camp shows, the police officers wearing helmets, plastic face guards and surgical masks while distributing the food and water to refugees kept in a pen.

Alexander Spritzendorfer, whose wife Michaela Spritzendorfer-Ehrenhauser filmed the incident when she visited the makeshift camp to bring relief supplies on Wednesday shared the video footage on Thursday.

Spritzendorfer wrote on the description of the video that about 300 people were trying to catch sandwiches and waterbottles in plastic bags which are thrown in the crowd by the policemen wearing face masks. Women were placing their children on the fences hoping that they will get their food handed directly to them or sitting with their children on the dirty mats and waiting for someone to bring them a ration.

Commenting on the worsening situation he said, the officials couldn’t organise the food distribution anymore and couldn’t keep it on a fair and humane level.

He also reiterated Human Rights Watch Emergency Director Peter Brouckaert’s observations in the Hungarian border camp where flow of refugees has strongly increased since the beginning of july.

“There are no medical supplies. Two paramedics from the hungarian red cross sitting in an empty room on the first floor waiting for emergencys. They are not allowed to give any information about the camp to the journalists. The ambulance can be called in for emergency cases. In the emergency room there is only a little round table with three chairs and blankets. There are band-aids, two kitchen rolls and a stethoscope. On the wall there are one and a half packages of toilet paper and some diper packs,” he wrote.

Brouckaert told Associated Press on Wednesday that refugees are being kept in pens and have no access to any medical assistance when they get sick.



“It’s simply unacceptable that people are being treated like animals on the doorstep of Europe,” he said. 

The refugee crisis affected more than 60 million people as of 2015. One in every 122 people worldwide is now either a refugee, internally displaced or seeking asylum.

According to UNHCR, more than 264,000 asylum applications have been recorded in 38 European countries.

Hungary receiving over 140,000 asylum applications only in 2015 has been heavily criticised over the officials' treatments to refugees mostly fleeing conflict in the Middle East to seek asylum in Europe.

Human Rights Watch said Hungary has become a place of humiliation for Syrian refugees.

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