Former Danish People's Party MP fined over racism

Former Danish MP Mogens Camre says 'Muslims are continuing where Hitler left off'

Photo by: YouTube
Photo by: YouTube

Mogan Cemre is 79 years old and member of Danish People Party

Danish People’s Party and Gladsaxe City Council member Mogens Came, a 79-year-old former MP fıned over a tweet he wrote in July 2014 that compared Muslims to Adolf Hitler.

“Regarding the Jews’ situation in Europe: The Muslims are continuing where Hitler left off. Only the same treatment Hitler received will change the situation” wrote on his private tweeter account on Thursday.

After his controversial tweet, a Glostrup court found him guilty of racism on Tuesday and slapped him with an 8,000 kroner fine. This is not the first time he compared Muslims to Nazis and he is no stranger to controversial statements.

“I can only say that to express myself in a precise way would have taken more than 140 keystrokes. That is the problem,” he said in court.

He also told a Dutch TV channel in 2009 that "modern day Muslims in Denmark were a worse presence than occupying Nazis in World War II." 

He also faced racism charges in 2003 for saying that all Western countries have been infiltrated by Muslims planning to take over. Moreover, in 2005, he blamed Denmark’s low birth rate on the “immigrant burden and reportedly said “immigrants in Denmark as a whole do not contribute anything to society at all.”

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