Former KLA commander attempts suicide in jail

Ex-Kosovo Liberation Army commander attempted suicide in custody by drinking hydrochloric acid

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Former KLA soldiers holding a Kosovo Liberation Army flag

One of the leaders of a militant group who was arrested in early May, Muhamed Krasniqi, known as “Commander Malisheva,” attempted suicide in custody by drinking hydrochloric acid, reported the Skopje-based Alsat M TV on Monday.

Krasniqi was the commander of the paramilitary Kosovo Liberation Army -the ex-guerrillas of the now dismantled (KLA/UCK)- which in 2001 clashed in Macedonia's civil war and according to the news agency Dnevnik he was the leading commander of the 113 Brigade in the Kumanovo city .

According to Alsat M, he has tried to commit suicide by drinking hydrochloric acid in the detention unit, but was prevented at the last moment.

Apparently, Krasniqi drank only part of the liquid before he was rescued.

There is no information about the status of his health, nor his motives for drinking the acid.

Macedonian officials have not yet responded to media inquiries about Krasniqi’s case and health situation.

The suicide attempt came before the prosecutor's office made a statement about the members of the "Group of Kumanovo." Citing sources close to the detainees, Alsat M reports that suspects claimed their inquiry was recorded on camera.

Macedonian Main Public Prosecution Office for Organised Crime and Corruption announced earlier that the inquiry of militant suspects in Kumanovo is in the final stages.

Lawyers for the suspects had earlier complained that contrary to the Macedonian criminal code and regulations, the Prosecution did not have access to any evidence of the crimes to which their clients were charged with.

As previously stated by the Prosecution Office, after the inquiry is completed the documentation will be submitted to the suspects' defence.

Investigation remains in obscurity that the Prosecution has not announced yet how many suspects still has to be inquired, and when would expect the indictment.

Early in the day on May 9th, Macedonian forces engaged with ethnic Albanians members of KLA group in Kumanovo in a clash that lasted two days.

According to Serbian based news agency Blic Online, during clashes with the police in Kumanovo, was referred to the man Ali Ahmeti, who is the leader of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) in Macedonia and the former KLA leader sought to suspend a police operation in the city.

During the clashes eight policemen and 14 militants, a total of 22 people were killed and some surrendered to security forces.

Total of 33 people suspected of terrorist acts were apprehended.

On the other hand, the Assembly of Kosovo in Pristina in a vote on June 26 rejected amendments to Kosovo’s constitution to allow a court to deal with allegations that the country’s ethnic Albanian wartime leaders of KLA killed hundreds of Serb civilians, including Hashim Thaci, currently the Foreign Minister of Kosovo, and some of its members.

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