Four Turkish-origin MP’s expected to run for British election

Turkish origin MP’s to run in national British elections expected to be held on May 7

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Four Turkish-origin members of the parliament are running for the general elections in the United Kingdom expected to be held next week on May 7.

The four candidates are running for election for three separate parties, two MP’s are for the center-right Conservative Party, one for the center-left Labour Party and one for the centrist Liberal Democrats Party.

Anadolu Agency interviewed each candidate individually and the MP’s have stated that, the participation of Turks in the British politics need to increase and if elected the MP’s will work towards boosting the numbers.

Two candidates running for the Conservative Party, Gonul Daniels, who is of Turkish-Cypriot descent in London’s Edmonton constituency and Isabel Sigmac in Birmingham’s Ladywood constituency, stressed the unemployment rates in the community and how important it is for the Turkish community to voice themselves.

According to AA, Daniels would get together with the Turkish-speaking community to voice them not only in the parliament but also towards ‘local authorities.’

Sigmac also commented on the Turkish community and said she would ‘definitely’ encourage the Turkish community be a greater part of the country’s political process.

“They live in this country and politicians make decisions which have an impact on their lives. So definitely, I would encourage more people to take part in politics,” said Sigmac.

All four candidates have mentioned that more Turks need to be involved in British Politics and Turhan Ozen, candidate for the Liberal Democrat in the north London constituency of Tottenham stated, Turks need to be in the British parliament.

“I want to encourage more Turkish-origin youngsters to enter into British politics,” said Ozen.

Ibrahim Mehmet who is also Turkish-Cypriot descent is the Labour candidate for London’s southeast constituency of Old Bexley and Sidcup.

Mehmet has stated that there is a small Turkish community in his constituency and he wants to “be a powerful and local voice of the Turkish speaking community.”

If any of the four candidates are elected during the national elections it will be the first time a Turkish origin MP will sit in the British legislature.  

According to data released by the British Home Office in 2011, there are approximately 150,000 Turkish nationals living in the UK, while around 500,000 people living in the country are of Turkish origin.

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