France to deploy warship to fight with DAESH in Syria

France to send flagship aircraft carrier to back US-led coalition in their battle against DAESH in Syria

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

The nuclear-powered Charles de Gaulle is the flagship of the French navy, [AFP]

France announced on Thursday that it will deploy a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to join operations against DAESH in Syria.

Following a cabinet meeting, French presidency released a statement on Thursday saying that the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier would be sent to Syria to support the US-led coalition in the country.

"The deployment of the battle group alongside the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier has been decided to participate in operations against DAESH and its affiliate groups," the statement said.

The French President, Francois Hollande backed the deployment saying that it is "a rational choice" which would "allow us to be more efficient in coordination with our allies."

Since September 2014, France has been fighting DAESH militants in Iraq as a part of the US-led coalition.

However, the country’s battle with DAESH in Syria is brand new. In September, the country decided to join the US-led coalition in Syria and began air strikes.

Shortly after a gunmen killed 17 people in twin attacks against the Satirical Magazine, Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish grocery store, France decided to strengthen its security policy.

The air strikes against DAESH targets in Iraq and Syria have been seen as self defence by French officials since that time.

The country launched 1,285 aerial missions in which 271 air strikes have been carried out across Iraq from the Persian Gulf thus far.

At the end of September, France only carried out two strikes against DAESH camps, east of the country.

Thursday’s statement also showed the determination of Paris saying that France would continue to make efforts in Syria until the country reaches a political transition.

Additionally the statement gave the message that Syrian regime leader Bashar al Assad won't be involved in the country's future.

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