French Calais port blocked by ferry workers

Sailors in Calais port block Channel Tunnel entrance over job cuts

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Although rail services returned to normal when the French Calais port ferry workers halted their protests after setting fire to tyres at the entrance of the Channel Tunnel.

The protests have been a part of various demonstrations by sailors who have slammed possible job cuts.

The channel tunnel has been operating since 1994, connecting Folkestone, Kent, in the UK, with Coquelles, near Calais. It hosts Eurostar trains for passengers as well as freights and has constantly dealt with immigrant issues since its opening.



















A spokesman for Eurotunnel said that “the protesters went on to the motorway and started burning tyres at the two entrances to the Channel Tunnel terminal.”

The spokesman mentioned the delays in the Eurotunnel saying that “this was on the public highway, so we called the police and local authorities to remove the protesters and allow access to our terminal...It caused some delays to services earlier on, but most of those delays have now been resolved. We are running full services for freight and passengers."

Although French police have increased patrols in and around Calais to prevent migrants from crossing the Channel, hundreds still take every opportunity to make the illegal crossing.

In June a video recorded by tourists travelling on a bus in Calais showed migrants trying to climb into UK-bound trucks in order to cross the channel.

Following the incident British truck drivers and tourists were warned to be cautious and to avoid stops near the port as hundreds of migrants tried to pile into UK-bound trucks and cars.

Calais has long attracted migrants who have escaped from wars as well as poverty and an estimated 3,000 refugees from Somalia, Eritrea and Syria are living in camps near the northern French port.

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