French farmer fined for helping refugees

The farmer's lawyer said his client helped irregular migrants enter France, find housing, and get around.

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

French activist farmer Cedric Herrou (C) was charged with helping illegal migrants enter, travel and stay in France.

A French farmer who was previously put on trial for aiding refugees was handed a 3,000 euros ($3,192) suspended fine on Friday for his actions.

Cedric Herrou was accused of guiding three refugees, claiming to be from Eritrea, on a path known to be taken by those trying to avoid police controls, the prosecutor said.

Herrou previously had been in court in early January, facing charges of illegally transporting refugees across the French-Italian border and organising an informal reception centre for them. 

The court issued an eight-month prison sentence, which was commuted.

Herrou's case had attracted a lot of support from human rights groups. He became a household name in France -- applauded by some for his conduct while criticised by others.

He has vowed to continue his actions.


TRT World's Sarah Morice produced this report earlier.