French National Front announces anti-EU group in EP

Leader of French National Front, Marine Le Pen announces formation of new anti-EU group in European parliament

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Far right parties across Europe from countries like France, the Netherlands and Italy say they have garnered enough anti-European Union support to form a group in the European parliament, although it is not clear who will take part.

The anti-immigration, anti-Euro National Front Party in France, led by Marine Le Pen declare the formation of a group called "Europe of Nations and Freedoms" after a failed attempt at doing so last year, a move that will potentially give them access to more funding, staff and presence in the EU assembly.

"Tomorrow in Brussels I will announce our group Europe of Nations and Freedoms," Le Pen said on her official Twitter account, with similar tweets by other European far right leaders like Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders.

Le Pen and Wilders have scheduled a news conference for 09:00am GMT on Tuesday

Victories by anti-immigration, anti-EU nationalist parties last year surprised centrist parties amongst EU member states leading to a divided political assembly, making it difficult to pass on legislation.

Le Pen at first, did not gather enough support for a group, a rival group of Eurosceptic parties that include Nigel Farage’s United Kingdom Independence Party combined to form a fragile alliance.

The formation of a group in the European parliament requires at least 25 to 30 members elected from seven different EU member countries and that to chair a committee at least 40 to 50 members are required. Furthermore, the most impactful committees require even more elected members.

Parties that are currently on board are Italy's Northern League, Wilders' Freedom Party, the Austrian Freedom Party and Belgium's Vlaams Belang

"We were five and it's been possible to add two other nationalities to form a group," The National Front Party’s Vice-President Florian Philippot told Reuters, without providing any further details.


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