Funniest reactions to round one of the French presidential election

The French react with tweets after centrist Emanuel Macron beats far-right Marine Le Pen by a clear but narrow margin.

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

French presidential candidates (left to right) Marine Le Pen, Francois Fillon and Emmanuel Macron.

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen and pro-EU centrist Emmanuel Macron will face-off in the deciding round of the French election on May 7.

One of them will become the next president of France amid a rise of populism as seen in Donald Trump's win in the US and the UK voting to leave the EU.

Macron's victory in this round, or Le Pen's possible defeat in the next, prompted the French to share some satire on social media. 

"Francois Fillon leaves in a dignified manner #Presidential 2017"

"#LePen Who is looking forward to the remake [of the 2002 election]?" For those who might not follow French politics closely, Le Pen's father lost to Jaques Chirac in 2002 in the second round of the presidential elections.

"Meeting at the HQ of Jacques Cheminade to prepare for the 2nd round." 

"With #Macron against #LePen we are still stuck in the dictatorship of #TINA [There IS NO ALTERNATIVE] I will not submit...#The7MayWithoutMe"

"8,000,000 French people voted for # Le Pen. Terrifying."

"When you notice a wallet sticking out." One of the losing candidates Francois Fillon (pictured above) has been under investigation for giving his family fake jobs with handsome remuneration. His wife is also under a similar inquiry.

"Republique Square, they are not wasting any time to erase the slogans from the night. Tonight, I am in too much pain [Le Pen]."