Georgia charges Russia over violating its airspace

Russian helicopter violates Georgian airspace says Georgian Defense Ministry

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

A Russian military helicopter has violated Georgian airspace on Thursday, the Ministry of Defence said. According to information from Tbilisi, the helicopter flew over Georgia for a few minutes.

Georgia's Foreign Ministry did not specify where the incident occurred, but said in an online statement that Russia’s Mi-8 combat helicopter was flying over an area near the rebel-held Georgian region of South Ossetia.

"It violated the airspace controlled by the central government and flew over a local municipality and police buildings," the ministry said.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry also stated that the incident was "provocative in nature and posing a threat to the security and stability in the region."

Russia violated Georgian airspace earlier this year when a Russian Mi-8 combat helicopter allegedly flew over Georgia-controlled skies near its border with South Ossetia on Aug. 19.

Last month, a Russian jet was downed by Turkey on its border with Syria after the plane entered Turkish airspace. Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned the incident and called the downing a “stab in the back" from Turkey.

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