Georgia opens probe on its citizens who joined DAESH

Georgia launches probe over video showing Georgian-speaking men fighting for DAESH

Photo by: AFP (Archive)
Photo by: AFP (Archive)

An image taken from a propaganda video uploaded on June 11 by ISIS allegedly showing militants gathering at an undisclosed location in Iraq's Nineveh province.

Georgia has started an investigation into a video that shows some men who are fighting for DAESH in Syria speaking in Georgian .

The Georgian State Security Service announced the opening of a probe into the twelve-and-a half-minute-long video that has been circulating on the internet on November 23, 2015.

In the recorded video, four Georgian-speaking men with their AK-47s and an Rocket-Propelled Grenade launchers call on Muslims in Georgia to join the group's self-proclaimed “caliphate.”

Nino Giorgobiani, the Chief of the Press and Public Relations Department of the State Security Service, posted on her personal Facebook account that the Georgian media should not contribute to the syndication of the DAESH video.

The men in the video criticise Muslim clerics in Georgia’s predominantly-Muslim region of Ajara and call to behead “infidels” in Georgia.

According to Georgian media, the DAESH terrorists who appeared in the video are former residents of Ajara, a southwestern region in Georgia near the corner of the Black Sea.

Georgian officials said that dozens of the Georgian citizens have joined DAESH in Syria and Iraq.

One of the men in the video is named Tarkhan Batirashvili. He is also known as Umar al Shishani and currently is a commander in northern Syria, another man, Khvicha Gobadze left Georgia two months ago to join DAESH.

Gobadze’s father spoke to the media stating that the video aims to create panic in Georgia.

“No-one will come and blow us up,” he said, adding Muslims in Georgia are being harassed.

“Terrorism is violence, it is not right to murder a person, but God granted Muslims the right to fight if you are being attacked for your religion, property and homeland. No one fights us, but they do not allow us to construct a mosque, they nailed the head of pig on our prayer house. This doesn’t justify the decision of my son, but I speak of my pain,” he said.

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