German mother pushes son in front of oncoming train

Leg of 11-year-old boy severely broken after mother pushes him under train as it entered Hoheluftbruecke railway station

Photo by: Wikipedia
Photo by: Wikipedia

Hoheluftbruecke railway station in Hamburg, Germany

A mother intentionally pushed her 11-year-old son in front of an oncoming train at Hoheluftbruecke railway station in Germany on Sunday, as travelers observed the whole ordeal in terror.

According to reports in Germany, Leon, the name of the young boy, suffered extreme injuries when he fell onto the tracks after his mother pushed him at the station in Hamburg.

Bild, a German newspaper, reported that the train driver was not able to stop in time, consequently crushing the young boy’s leg with the wheels of the train.

According to the newspaper, it took emergency services up to 40 minutes to remove the boy’s leg from under the train, during which the boy was in good condition and conscious.

Witnesses said that Jana, the victim’s mother, tried to run off after the incident took place at Hoheluftbruecke railway station. However, according to reports by Bild, the 31-year-old mother was immediately captured by police.

Hamburg police told Sky News that Leon continues to be in a severe state, however it is believed he didn’t sustain any injuries that were life threatening.

Germany’s local media has said that the boy’s leg was in need of amputation, however there has been no confirmation of this.

In the meantime, the victim’s mother has been taken in for a psychiatric evaluation. She is said to have a psychological condition, according to various reports.

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