German Neo-Nazis allegedly urinate on family in Berlin

After anti-refugee riots injure dozens of people over weekend, Germany witnesses another racist attack in Berlin on Saturday night

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Two Neo-Nazis racially abused a woman and her two children on a Berlin city train

Two drunk right-wing supporters racially abused a family on a Berlin train. They got on the train while a woman and her two children were traveling on the city’s ring line. The men allegedly shouted “We’re the master race. You’re not Aryan,” as one of the men urinating on the family.

German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel reported that the men shouted slogans as “Heil Hitler,” raising their right arms in Nazi salutes.

Witnesses called police and the men, who are in their 30s, were arrested at the next station.

It is the latest racially motivated incident in Germany in recent months after refugees fled to Europe from conflict zones in the Middle East and Africa. In the first half of 2015, there have been 150 arson and other attacks combined that have been carried out, where in 2014, 170 attacks had been recorded.

Anti-refugee riots erupted in Heidenau, a town near Dresden over the weekend. The clashes began late on Friday after the police brought refugees to the shelters for.

Reuters reported that about 200 intoxicated activists had thrown fireworks and bottles to the police as they shouted “Heil Hitler.”  

The police set up a barrier and checked ID cards around Heidenau refugee center on Sunday, keeping people away from the shelters.

"We need such safety zones all over, because nobody can say where the next attack is going to happen," police trade union head Rainer Wendt told the German newspaper Rheinische Post.

Heidenau’s mayor Jurgen Opitz told the press that the activists were definitely not from Heidenau. According to the mayor, the activists in the area were connected and the riots that erupted in Heidenau due to “Nazi tourism."

Another German newspaper Bild described the riots as “the Nazi shame of Heidenau."

Merkel condemns anti-refugee riots in Heidenau

German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticised the violence in Heidenau amid wave of anti-refugee sentiment.

"It's repulsive how far-right extremists and Neo-Nazis are spreading their hollow message, but it's equally shameful how citizens, even families with children, support this by marching along," she said on Monday.

Merkel was accused of not defying to activists over the weekend. On Monday, the hashtag #Merkelschweigt, which means "Merkel stays silent," was one of the trend topics on Twitter in Germany even after Merkel had condemned the attacks.

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