German police find several dead babies

Police says they discovered seven dead babies in apartment in southern German state of Bavaria

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

German police have so far been unable to question the previous resident of the apartment where the bodies were found

German police found the body bodies of seven dead babies in an apartment in the town of Wallenfels in the German state Bavaria, near the border of Czech Republic.

Emergency services were called on Thursday afternoon when a woman, who was not identified called the police to report the finding of a dead baby at the Wallenfels apartment.

Following the incident, German police found six more lifeless baby bodies in another room on the premises.

“Officers found several bodies of infants. The police and prosecutor ... believe that there are probably seven dead,” an official said, adding that they are going to question previous resident who resided in the apartment.

It is still unclear on how long the babies have been dead for as officials have yet to solve the mystery. There are many questions to be answered, such as, whether the apartment was being used at the time of the deaths and how long they’ve been at the apartment.

Due to the poor condition of the bodies, the investigation on how the babies were killed might take longer than expected for answers

"Forensic examinations have been carried out on the infant bodies since the morning," and shouldn’t be expected before next week, the police spokesperson stated.

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