German politician sends bus full of refugees to Merkel

Bavarian politician sends bus carrying dozens of refugees to Chancellor Angela Merkel's office in Berlin to protest her refugee policy

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Refugees walk to a registration centre after crossing the Austrian-German border near Wegscheid, southern Germany

Updated Jan 15, 2016

A local German politician in the southern state of Bavaria has sent a bus carrying dozens of refugees to Chancellor Angela Merkel's office in Berlin to protest her policy towards refugees.

Thirty-one refugees made a 550 kilometre journey to Berlin from the southeastern town of Landshut, according to Peter Dreier’s spokesman.

Last year, Dreier threatened to send refugees to the Chancellor's office if the number of refugees exceeded 1,800 in his Bavarian district, a main entry point for refugees coming to Germany.

"If Germany is taking in 1 million refugees, mathematically that means 1,800 will come to my district. I will take them and if there are any more, I will send them to your office," Dreier was quoted by German media warning Merkel in a phone call in October.

Germany is struggling to cope with the large number of refugees arriving daily. Since the beginning of last year, more than a million refugees mostly fleeing war in the Middle East and Africa have arrived in Germany, while thousands more continue to arrive everyday. 

Over one million refugees fleeing war and poverty from different parts of the globe have entered Europe in 2015, many taking risky sea voyages across the choppy Mediterranean waters on unsafe boats. Nearly 3,700 refugees have died in their attempt to cross the Mediterranean.

Germany accepted almost 1.1 million refugees in 2015, while federal states are planning to budget about 17 billion euros ($17.58 billion) to accommodate refugees this year.

The ongoing four-year-long war in Syria is the number one source for refugees arriving in European countries, making the current situation the worst crisis Europe has faced since World War II.

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