German politicians call for single European army

Deputies of Germany’s federal parliament and German politicians call on government to increase efforts for creating single European army

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Idea of creating single European army has been repeatedly discussed within EU

A ten-point plan has been presented by committees of German deputies which ask the government and European partners to implement a joint European army.

Germany's federal government supported the initiative but said it could be a long-term goal.

According to Russian news service Sputnik, German politician Elmar Brok said cooperation of national armies would “create significant synergies and added value in financial and defence-political terms.”

The idea of creating a single army has been repeatedly in EU agenda. 60 years ago, there had been a plan to form a European Defence Union but the attempts failed.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker proposed in March to create a single European army to cope with the threats posed to member states and neighbouring allied countries.

Juncker said that the demands for forming a single European army is connected with the breakdown of relations between Russia and the West, who have been at odds over the crisis in eastern Ukraine.

A large majority in the United Kingdom, however, is opposed to the forming of a unified army, a United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) spokesman told Sputnik, adding that every sovereign state must have its own independent army.

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