German train drivers call six-day strike over wages

Germany’s Deutsche Bahn train drivers call for a week-long disruptions over low wages

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The GDL engine drivers’ union announced a six-day work stoppage from Monday to Sunday over wages, which is the eighth strike in the last 10 months.

Following the freight train‘s strike on Monday, passenger trains will stop the work early on Tuesday morning.

''The GDL has no other choice but to call its members out on strike," said GDL chief Claus Weselsky ahead of a more thorough press conference scheduled for Monday.

The GDL and Deutsche Bahn company whose labourers decided to go on strike, stucked in an elongated dispute over the GDL’ s demand for negotiating not only with train driver but also with other railway staff.

Sides also couldn't agree on wages and working hours in the last meeting.

"This strike is completely inappropriate and over the top … The GDL union is going to cause massive harm to rail passengers, Deutsche Bahn and its employees - but also to the German economy." in a statement at the end of April.     

GDL called six other strikes in September and October which cost the Deutsche Bahn 150 million euros ($168 million) .

Deutsche Bahn has more than 300,000 employees and 196,000 of them are in Germany, having around 5.5 million passengers around the world to travel with the company.

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