Germany promises to support Greece with refugee influx

Germany will help Greece in dealing with "extraordinary burden" of refugees arriving in country everyday

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Refugees seen here trying to reach the Greek islands

Germany has promised to support Greece with handling of the ‘’extraordinary burden’’ of refugees entering its borders every day.

This year, more than half a million people have entered Greece by sea to seek safety and a better life in Europe, but at the same time, more than 3.200 people have died while they were trying to cross the Aegean Sea.

Speaking during his visit to Athens, German Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Berlin was ready to help Greece in dealing with Europe’s biggest refugee crisis since World War II.

"At a moment when Greece is trying to recover economically, this influx is an extraordinary burden," Steinmeier said to the media sources.

"We must act together to take control of the situation, to safeguard Europe's external borders, to develop a common approach to asylum and immigration and to fairly share out the refugees," Steinmeier said.

"We will support Greece as it faces up to this big challenge." he added.

Over 700,000 refugees have arrived in Europe in 2015, they embark on a dangerous journey by trying to cross the Aegean Sea in unseaworthy boats. Several boats sank off the coast of Greece on Wednesday, leaving 17 dead, including 11 children. Around 40 refugees are still missing.

Another incident took place off the coast of Greek island of Kalymnos, at least 10 people died after their boat capsized.

Moreover, two young children and two adults drowned after their boat sank off the coast of Greek island of Lesbos, rescuers were able to save 240 people.

The refugee crisis has also started a conflict between EU members over how to handle the new refugee arrivals.

According to Steinmeier, Europe "must demonstrate more courage in order to grow stronger.''

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