Germany seeks answers to US spying allegations

Germany asks for explanation from US over spying allegations by WikiLeaks

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Berlin demands that the United States provides an explanation over WikiLeaks claims that the National Security Agency (NSA) spied on German diplomats and ministers.

Germany began to feel discomfort following allegations that the NSA eavesdropped on Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier’s telephone conversations along with many others, and has asked the US to provide an explanation.

NSA is the intelligence organisation of the United States that does global monitoring, collection and processed data for foreign intelligence and counter-intelligence purposes.

WikiLeaks exposed claims that the NSA spied on German diplomats and ministers, consequently angering Berlin who is demanding an answer.

The authenticity and source of the WikiLeaks revelations could not be verified, according to German Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer.

“Now we are waiting for answers from the American side, as soon as possible.”

WikiLeaks released documents on Monday that showed the NSA’s monitoring of senior German officials, such as the Foreign Minister Steinmeier himself, and his predecessor Joschka Fischer.

The documents listed about 20 German mobile and landline numbers that were monitored by the NSA.

The US had reportedly also spied on Chancellor Angela Merkel among other senior political figures, since the 90s, according to WikiLeaks.

German-US ties have been severed following the NSA spying allegations, and Berlin’s failure to convince the US to sign a no-spy agreement.

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