Germany to use military aircrafts to expedite deportations

German authorities to use military planes to deport rejected asylum seekers to their home countries to expedite process

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Migrants reflected in a puddle as they walk along a road after crossing the border with Serbia in Babska, Croatia October 19, 2015

Germany's top-selling newspaper Bild reported on Wednesday that Germany may use military aircrafts to expedite the deportation of asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected, back to their home countries, to reduce the number of refugees.

Chancellor Angela Merkel's government has repeatedly stated that it works to facilitate both sides of the progress which involves the processing of asylum seeker applications and extradition of asylum seekers.

Bild reported, referring to regional government resources, that the federal and 16 state governments are thinking of expediting the asylum seekers process and they would be deported by way of military transport aircrafts.

According to a German government source, a road map has not been reached in terms of an agreement, however, a series of plans were on the table.

Bild has stated that by the end of September, 193,500 asylum seekers had no valid reason to claim asylum, adding that from the beginning of the year, till August 11,522 people were deported in spite of 10,884 people in 2014.

Meanwhile, tensions have been cranked up much higher in recent months, due to Merkel’s recent policy on refugees. More than 520 incidents have been recorded since the beginning of the year.

PEGIDA, a German anti-Islam political organisation, supporters waved the national flag and chanted slogans such as "hell comes with fake refugees" and "every people should have their own country, not every person is a piece of Germany."

"Deport! Deport!" and "Merkel must go!"

According to an Allensbach poll that published on Wednesday, 54 percent of Germans were very anxious about the refugee flow into Germany, although the rate was 40 percent in August.

Germany expects to receive an estimated 800,000 refugees in 2015, mostly from Syria, Iraq and Eritrea.

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