Greece pushes for reparation displaying Nazi footage

Greece shows footage of Nazi invasion in Athens metro to support claims against Germany for reparations for war crimes

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Looping 50 second long footage  is being shown to commuters on Athens’ metro line, aimed at putting pressure on Germany to pay billions in compensation for the Nazi invasion during World War II.

The video, with the tagline “We claim what Germany owes to us,” shows graphic images of invading German soldiers, military vehicles, people starving to death and villages being destroyed.

Greek Defense Ministry spokesman, Kyriakos Zilakos said, “The focus [of the campaign] is to rescue the historical memory of the Greek people.”

The video was first displayed in Athens on April 27 to mark the 74th anniversary of the Nazi invasion and was broadcasted in 36 metro stations.

According to NBC, Anastasia Pliagou - an official from the Greek Embassy in Berlin - said “The campaign will run until the end of May and the video will soon be shown in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian for the international community.”

Athens is claiming that Germany owes Greece a total of 279 billion euros ($317) in compensation for war crimes.

Berlin has rejected the claims and says that it settled the issue when it paid Greece 115 million marks in 1960 following a reparations agreement.

However, the Greek government is now claiming that the payments made in the past were not enough.

The government has repeatedly brought up the issue, especially during Greece’s negotiating efforts over the terms of the country’s 240 billion euros ($260 billion) international bailout package.

Relations between Athens and Berlin have been deteriorating, with the Greek government accusing Germany and other countries of bullying during negotiations for the release of the bailout funds Greece needs to avoid default.

Despite these tensions Athens r the recent campaign is not an attack on Germany, “The video is in no way directed against the German people,” said Zilakos.

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