Greece will block Brexit unless EU opens doors for refugees

​Greece will not approve deal to keep Britain in bloc if EU countries do not keep their borders open for refugees until March

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Pakistani and other refugees walk off an overcrowded raft at a beach on the Greek island of Lesbos November 16, 2015.

Greece warned European countries to keep open their borders for refugees until March otherwise it would not approve the deal to keep Britain in the block at marathon talks on Friday.

"We are asking for a unanimous decision that until (an EU-Turkey summit planned for) March 6, no state will unilaterally close its borders... if not, the Greek government will not approve the conclusion text" at Brexit summit which will take place on Friday, a government source said.  

Last year, the continent dealt with the enormous refugee influx by closing some borders and boosting security measures.

The worst scenario for Greece is if all European countries close their borders, thousands of refugees will box in its territory.

On Friday, Austria announced that it will limit the number of refugees coming into the country at 3,200 per year and 80 applications per day.  

Slovenian government also proposed to the parliament on Wednesday to deploy military forces to strengthen police control at the border as a response to the growing refugee influx along the Balkan route.

"If Austria closes its borders there will be a domino effect towards us," the Greek government source added.

"(German Chancellor Angela) Merkel has pledged that Germany's position will not change (until March 6). We are asking the remaining member states to do the same," the official said.