Greek jets harass Turkish F-16 over Aegean Sea

Turkish general staff announces two Greek M-2000 warplanes harass Turkish F-16 for more than five minutes over Aegean Sea in international airspace

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

A Turkish F-16

The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) announced that two Greek M-2000 fighter jets have harassed a Turkish F-16 fighter jet that was carrying out an administrative flight over the Aegean Sea in international airspace.

The harassment continued for five minutes and 20 seconds according to the TAF which released the statement on its official website on Friday.

“Necessary reaction [against the harassment] has been shown by our [military] components,” the statement added.

In addition, six Turkish F-16 fighter jets have executed air patrol flights over Turkey-Syria border, the military informed.

Turkey previously shot down a Russian fighter jet over an airspace violation in northwestern Syria near the Turkish border on Nov. 24.

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