Hardships of asylum seekers portrayed on Danish stage

Denmark theatre collective puts on play raising awareness of hardships faced by asylum seekers

Photo by: Danish Refugee Agency
Photo by: Danish Refugee Agency

Updated Jul 28, 2015

On Monday the Paradox Intertainment theater collective of Denmark performed a play highlighting the issues of asylum seekers in Denmark.

The performance, called “Welcome to Denmark,” told the personal stories and hardships of four refugees and criticised Denmark’s asylum system.

As each refugee explained their story, they mentioned the problems they experienced with the Danish Refugee Appeals Board (Flygtningenævnet).

A spokeswoman from Paradox Intertainment Henriette Kudsk said they wanted to portray the difficulties faced by asylum seekers with the government.

"For the refugee board, they have to look at trustworthiness and they only have a little amount of time to hear the story and consider all of the issues," Kudsk said.

Integration Minister of Denmark Manu Sareen was one of the politicians who was made aware of the challenges faced by asylum seekers.

“We – especially those of us here in Christiansborg – should sometimes stop and think about how we talk about people. Words create realities and that means that we as politicians have a responsibility,” she said.

The refugee issue has been at the center of debate in the Danish politics as of late.

According to the Danish Immigration Service (Udlændingestyrelsen - DIS), the number of refugees who sought and received asylum has more than doubled since 2014.

The number showed that nearly 20,000 refugees applied for asylum from the Danish government, up from 7,557 in 2013.

As the number of refugees increases, the conditions for acceptance have become harder in Denmark.

Last year, the Danish government said they provided temporary residence for refugees, but it was later announced that new conditions for asylum seekers would restrict their families from coming to Denmark.

Opposition parties also advised the government on the worsening conditions of refugees ın Denmark, which are forcing them to return to their homelands.

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