How could this happen in Manchester?

Manchester bomber Salman Abedi grew up in neighbourhoods around south Manchester. Some in the area say poverty and under-funded social services are isolating young people and turning them against their communities.

Photo by: Reuters Archive
Photo by: Reuters Archive

Police have targeted south Manchester neighbourhoods near where Abedi lived.

The question of why a young British man would blow himself up at a concert is likely to generate as many questions as answers. One of them is likely to be why did he turn against his own community?

Dozens of young people from Manchester have gone abroad to join terrorist groups. Others have stayed at home, but have become radicalised.

One reason according to some is a failing support system for the city's youth. Poverty and under-funded social services have left them feeling isolated and left out.

TRT World's Oliver Whitfield-Miocic is in Manchester and takes a look at the challenges facing the city.