Hundreds detained over failed coup attempt in France

Anti-government protesters in Paris detained over failed coup d'etat attempt during Bastille Day

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Hundreds of French anti-government protesters were detained in Paris for organising a coup against the French government on French National Day on July 14th.

The members of  “Mouvement du 14 Juillet" (The 14th of July Movement) group gathered in front of the French National Assembly building Palais Bourbon while the rest of the city celebrated the French Bastille Day to commemorate the destruction of Bastille prison by the French civil population.

A spokesman from the Mouvement du 14 Juillet told the French Inrockuptibles magazine before the march they tried to persuade a nearby military unit to help them throw the government.

The spokesman said “the military will have a choice to make, and many people hope that they will join us. Then we will take control of strategic buildings such as the Elysée, Matignon, the Luxembourg Palace and National Assembly."

During the march of the Mouvement du 14 Juillet, the military units declined the offer made by the group to help throw the government.

Afterwards, French police detained the marchers for rallying illegally without permission and asked for identification. Police said 300 marchers were arrested but were not held in custody long.

The Mouvement du 14 Juillet was formed by “ordinary citizens” who try to “change the course of current history by fundamentally changing the management structures of society."

Founders of the movement called at least 500 members to participate in the march to form a "new government where all the current politicians are replaced."

France once experienced an overthrow of government in 1789 during the French Revolution. Marchers attempted to start a second French Revolution on June 14, 226 years after the first one.

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