Hungarian media rejects Sisi visit

Egyptian President Sisi heads to Hungary’s Budapest following visit to Berlin, with local media expressing resentment over his visit

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Hungarian media criticised the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s plans to visit Budapest on Friday, in a trip which will last for two days during which he will hold talks with Hungarian officials.

"Nepszabadsag," a widely read newspaper in Hungary, rejected the upcoming visit in a front page editorial. It said 60-year-old army general Sisi is disguised in civilian clothing but stays in power through the military.

The paper condemned the coup against former president Mohamed Morsi, who was the first leader to come to power in Egypt via a free, democratic election. It also pointed out that Sisi was promoted to the highest military positions in Egypt without participating in any war.

"He led a coup against the Muslim Brotherhood, although the military rank awarded to him was given by deposed President Mohamed Morsi, who was sentenced to death."

The Hungarian website "INDEX" news also said sarcastically the "Egyptian coup leader is coming to Hungary, and we will give him an honorary doctorate," in jest of media reports that Sisi will indeed be receiving such an award during his visit.

Sisi is expected to meet with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Friday as well as parliamentary president Laszlo Cofer.

His visit to Hungary comes after Sisi visited Germany in which the Bundestag (German parliament) president refused to meet him due to Egypt’s recent human rights violations, military trials, mass death sentences and unlawful arrests.

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