Hungarian police use tear gas on refugees in Roszke

Hungarian police use tear gas to disperse group of refugees protesting at migrant reception centre

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Police disperse migrants to keep them out of the border

Hungarian police used tear gas as they were trying to disperse some 200 refugees inside a camp at reception centre on the country’s border with Serbia on Wednesday, the chaos erupted due to their registration delays.

Local Hungarian channel HIR TV released a footage showing the police were carrying tear gas canisters and clouds of teargas. Afterwards, the group was dispersed.

Dozens of refugees passed the border fence set up by authorities to keep them away from Hungary on Wednesday, AP reported. The police picked up about 400 refugees in city of Roszke. A police spokesman said that about 200 refugees at the reception centre had refused to give their fingerprints.

“We raised the fence and crossed it now. We were here from yesterday. We are now without, we are very hungry, there's no food, there's no medicine for children, there's nothing. We are so tired, frankly,” said Odei, a Syrian refugee from Daraa.

1,300 refugees arrested

The police reported that about 2,600 asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan were caught as they were crossing to Hungary from Serbia on Tuesday, 1,300 of them were arrested on Wednesday.

During his visit to Paris on Wednesday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for countries “in Europe and elsewhere to prove their compassion and do much more to bring an end to the crisis” of migration.

He warned migrants and refugees about dangerous journeys in the ways of fleeing their countries saying that they “carry out perilous journeys. They should not, when they arrive, encounter new challenges.”

The Hungarian government explained a plan on Wednesday to deploy the army to stop refugees from crossing the Serbian border. Parliament will set to vote next week at an extraordinary session. Szilard Nemeth from the ruling Fidesz party, deputy head of the National Security parliamentary committee said the government wanted to "make possible the use of the army for tasks related to border defence and migration."

The Hungarian police chief commissioner, Karoly Papp said that the operation would take place with about 2,200 police officers to be deployed to the southern border. Helicopters, mounted police and dogs and army will attend the operation.

“The organization, equipment and great mobility of the border guard units...will decrease the security risks caused by the massive illegal migration,” Papp said, adding that water cannons will also be sent to Szeged, the largest city in the Hungarian-Serbian border zone.

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