Hungary allows refugees to pass after blocking border

Hungary lets refugees pass from legal border crossing after blocking illegal passage

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Migrants wait to enter Hungary after the Hungarian police sealed the border with Serbia near the village of Horgos, Serbia, September 14, 2015.

Updated Sep 15, 2015

Hungarian government has allowed refugees to pass through small metal gates into Hungary, after scores of Hungarian policemen in helmets shut down on Monday the informal crossing preventing refugees from passing.

According to Reuters’ reporter, refugees were allowed to pass in small groups at the official Horgos 2 border crossing.

The informal passage across a railway track that traverses the border was used by tens of thousands of refugees of whose majority are Syrians. After blocking the informal passage, Hungarian police directed hundreds of refugees to the official border crossing, one kilometre away.

The metal gate of the crossing was blocked as well, but later the Hungarian police opened the gate and let the asylum seekers enter into Hungary coming from Serbia. A record of 7,437 refugees passed from Serbia into Hungary by 4pm local time (1400 GMT) on Monday, .

A new law entered into force on Monday giving authorities the power to detain anyone attempting to cross the border illegally, and even to hold and expel the refugees who want to enter the EU’s countries.

In 2015, at least 190,000 refugees had entered Hungary from Serbia fleeing the war and poverty in the Middle east and Africa, attempting to arrive on of the European countries.

Hungary is building a metal fence the length of its border with Serbia, which is out of the European Union.

"We heard the Hungarians will close the border on September 15th so we had to hurry from Greece," 24-year-old engineering student Amer Abudalabi, from the Syrian capital Damascus told Reuters hours before crossing the border from Serbia.

"We have not slept since Saturday morning I'm so tired. I won't believe it when we cross into Hungary."

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