Hungary completes barbed wire on its border

Hungary finishes building wire on its border with Croatia to stop flow of refugees

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Refugees pass a barbed wire fence in Röszke, Hungary

A defense ministry spokesman said on Saturday that Hungary has finished placing barbed wire along 41 kilometres of its border with Croatia to stop the flow of Syrian refugees from Crotia.

On Friday, Prime Minister Viktor Orban talked about measures to stop the flow of refugees into Hungary from Croatia on public radio. He said, "Hungary began building a fence on its border with Croatia overnight to stem a flow of migrants and has deployed hundreds of soldiers and police on the frontier"

He added that 600 soldiers had worked on the fence, and a further 500 will be deployed on Friday and 700 more over the weekend.

Hungary has been a transit country for 180,000 Syrian refugees this year. The Hungarian government built a 3.5 meter fence on the country's border with Serbia and implemented a raft of refugees laws to stop the flow of refugees.

Hungarian Prime Minister Orban sees Serbia as being responsible for refugees attempting to enter his country.

Orban has said that ‘’Serbia did not prevent this attack, which started from Serbian territory, in any form ... Serbian police were watching their Hungarian colleagues being attacked from Serbia."

Amnesty international declared that at least nine people, including including four children, were taken away from their families by Hungarian police on Tuesday.

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