Hungary holding record number of refugees

Hungarian police say Wednesday sets highest record on refugee arrivals

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Refugees pass a baby from hand to hand as they crowd for a bus after crossing the border from Hungary to Austria in Nickelsdorf, September 10, 2015

Hungarian police detained at least 3,321 refugees on Wednesday, the highest number of people that have been arrested by them so far in 2015, according to information published on their website.

This amount adds to the 3,313 that were detained last Thursday. But 22,000 of them managed to move on towards EU countries from Serbia through Hungary this month alone.

Thousands of them have been taken into closely guarded camps, with the Associated Press news agency reporting they will later be moved to asylum-seeker centers around the country.

Another 3,700 migrants poured across the Hungarian border into Austria on Thursday, causing the country to suspend train services heading to Hungary.

Germany and Austria had both declared that they would welcome a certain amount of refugees, with tens of thousand of them crossing into Austria since Saturday.

Authorities expect 40,000 more refugees to cross into Hungary by next week, as prisoners are working to complete a border fence between Serbia and Hungary, which is due to be finished in October.

Human rights watchdogs Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have both highly criticised the country’s handling of the refugee crisis.

Human Rights Watch Emergency Director Peter Brouckaert told AP that refugees kept in registration camps surrounded by fences were "treated like animals" in Hungary.

“They are blocked here. They are suffering in the heat. We see children all over the place collapse in absolute exhaustion," Brouckaert said.

Also speaking to AJ+ Brouckaert said refugees are being kept in pens and have no access to any medical assistance when they get sick.

“It’s simply unacceptable that people are being treated like animals on the doorstep of Europe.”

On Tuesday, a Hungarian camerawoman working for a national channel drew major criticism after she kicked refugees running from security personnel, which got her fired when the video was released.

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