Hungary lets refugees into station, halts train in Bicske

Hungarian police let refugees into main train station but halts train in Bicske to send them to refugee reception centre

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Refugees storm into a train at the Keleti train station in Budapest, Hungary, September 3, 2015

Updated Sep 4, 2015

Refugees at the Keleti train station in Budapest on early Thursday, pushed their way into trains after the police retreated from the building’s gates. Later on, however, the police halted the train in Bicske, where there is a refugee reception centre.

Banging on the train windows, the refugees shouted "no camp, no camp," Sky News reported.

In protest to being taken to the camp, many laid on rail tracks, including a family holding a toddler. Other's tried to push back dozens of policemen by blocking the stairs to get back to the train.

Those still on the train are subjected to high degrees of heat and are demanding water.

Earlier today thousands of refugees poured into the Keleti main station hoping to reach western Europe.

Hundreds of more refugees remain at Keleti, and are waiting for next available train in sight.

A Hungarian government spokesman said that no international trains will be leaving Keleti for "safety reasons," Sky News reported.

Thousands of refugees prevented from boarding trains have been stranded at a Budapest railway station since Tuesday, due to the disagreement over the EU policy. Many refugees in Budapest want to travel across Europe but Hungarian Prime Minister Orban says it is enforcing EU rules.

Orban on Thursday said that the influx of the refugees into Europe threatens and undermines Europe’s Christian roots, and governments should control their borders before they decide how many refugees should be allowed.

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