Hungary removes barbed wire fence from border

Hungary's Minister of Interior, Sandor Pinter announces they have removed barbed wire fence from Slovenia border

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Hungary removes wire fence from the Slovenia border

Hungary’s minister of interior said on Friday that they removed the barbed wire fence along the Slovenian border.

The fence was erected in order to protect the southern border of Hungary.

It was stated that in order to prevent misunderstandings, Hungary's Minister of Interior, Sandor Pinter and his Slovenian counterpart Vesna Gyorkos Znidar will meet on Saturday.

Slovenia’s Foreign Minister, Karl Erjavec said "We are very pleased," adding "Apparently, our diplomatic efforts have yielded positive results."

On Friday, Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban said in a press conference that fieldwork was under way on the border to make a strip of land suitable for deploying mobile equipment.

Before the statements from Orban, government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs gave a statement to a radio channel on Friday morning, saying that they had almost completed erecting the wire fence on the Croatian border and they were starting to erect a wire fence on the Slovenian border.

Hungary built a 175 kilometre long razor-wire fence on its border with Serbia in order to prevent refugees arriving from war-torn countries - mainly Syria - to continue further into Europe.

Hungary has received almost 150,000 migrants this year - 50,000 of whom arrived this month alone - many of them coming through Serbia.

Budapest is further tightening measures on border crossings, imposing harsh laws and allocating more than 2,000 so-called "border hunter" patrols to track “trespassers” by September.

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