Hungary says aid to Syria's neighbours can end refugee flood

Prime Minister of Hungary asks for massive aid package to be given to Syria's neighbours to stop refugee crisis, as refugee numbers arriving in Europe reach historic numbers

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Prime Minister of Hungary Victor Orban on Saturday requested a massive aid package for the countries affected from the Syrian war, while the refugee numbers coming to Europe is rapidly growing, resulting in EU leaders to clash over how to deal with the influx.

At the same time, Germany’s call to take in around 1600,00 refuges into EU countries have been turned down.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister of Germany Frank Walter Steinmeier said the enormous refugee numbers arriving to Europe could be "the biggest challenge for the EU in its history."

"If we are united in describing the situation as such, we should be united that such a challenge is not manageable for a single country," he said.

Hungary has been criticised about the way it treats refugees who arrive in the country.

A video released by Austrian politician Alexander Spritzendorfer displayed how Hungarian police distribute food and water to the refugees at Roszke camp. The video shows police officers throwing the supplies at the refugees, while they are kept in a pen surrounded by barbed wire.

Spritzendorfer said that about 300 people were struggling to catch food and water because the police officers were not handing the supplies directly to them. Commenting further on the worsening situation, he added that the officials couldn’t organise the food distribution anymore and couldn’t keep it on a fair and humane level.

“There are no medical supplies. Two paramedics from the Hungarian Red Cross, sitting in an empty room on the first floor waiting for emergency calls. They are not allowed to give any information about the camp to the journalists. The ambulance can be called in for emergency cases. In the emergency room there is only a little round table with three chairs and blankets. There are band-aids, two kitchen rolls and a stethoscope. On the wall there are one and a half packages of toilet paper and some diaper packs,” he wrote.

As a result of Hungary’s behavior, Human Rights Watch has said that, Hungary has become a place of humiliation for Syrian refugees.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Viktor Orban stated that the asylum seekers that arrive in the country are not fleeing war, they are seeking a better life.

"These refugees do not come from war zones but from camps (in these border countries), where they were safe.”

"They are not fleeing danger -- they have already fled and should not fear for their lives."

Hungary is building a fence to prevent refugees from entering the country, while working on new laws about crossing the border illegally.

"From September 15, the rules are changing in Hungary, if you cross the border illegally, you will be immediately arrested by the authorities," Orban said on Friday.


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