Hungary says detained terror suspects are WWII enthusiasts

Hungarian court says six suspected terrorists detained last week have no relation to known terrorist groups

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Hungarian police

A Hungarian court said on Wednesday that six terror suspects detained in two separate cases last week do not have any links to known terrorist groups but are still deemed to be dangerous.

Hungarian police on Friday arrested the two men who were carrying guns and ammunition in their car. The two men were visiting a site of a wartime tank battle at the weekend. The two suspects were accused of plotting terror attacks in the Hungarian capital of Budapest and a court placed them under preliminary arrest.

Counterterrorism deputy director Zsolt Bodnar said on Wednesday "I think we intervened at the best moment, the last moment, which is shown by the circumstances of their capture. They began to flee and threw ammunition out of their car window."

But the court said that there is no evidence that the suspects have links to terrorist groups such as DAESH, which execuded an attack in Paris this month killing 130 people, raising fears in Europe over the possibility of other such attacks. 

Four other suspects, were also detained on Saturday after Budapest police found explosives in their car.

Later during a house search the police found machine guns, silencers, a "bomb lab" and homemade explosives in a home of one of the suspects identified as Roland S. near the city of Veszprem.

The court noted that the suspect has no criminal record. He was living with his mother and stepfather and denied a prosecutor's application to hold Roland in custody.

"There is no data about extremist views and - beyond the fact that two of his partners are Hungarians from Slovakia similar to him in age and with similar interests - no data about international contacts, either," the court concluded.

The four people are under investigation for possessing materials used in making explosives without a license.  

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