Image of Merkel in veil on German TV provokes reaction

German TV Show causes strong reactions after depicting German Chancellor Angela Merkel wearing a headscarf

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

An image of German Chancellor Angela Merkel wearing a veil was aired on a German TV show on Sunday while the show's presenter Rainald Becker was reporting on Europe's refugee crisis.

The ARD TV channel has been accused of lslamophobia after airing the photoshopped image, in which minarets featured in the background.

As the image was shown on a screen, Becker asked what the future of Germany would be after receiving large numbers of refugees.

"How is life going to change? How will we react if refugees have problems with gender equality, with women' rights, with press freedom and freedom of expression?" the journalist asked viewers.

Despite the complaints the channel has stated that it is happy to hear that people criticised and reacted to the image.

"We are glad to hear the numerous criticisms of our illustration in yesterday's Report from Berlin, and very much regret that some disagreed with our representation of the Chancellor, or even misunderstood it," the producers of the channel stated on the program's facebook page.

"The illustration was directly related to Rainald Becker's report about the values of our society. He was talking about the achievements of our Western society: freedom of expression, press freedom and equality. These freedoms are reflected in the form of the illustration.

"Of course, it was also the aim of this artwork to gain attention and polarize. In our understanding of ourselves as journalists, we believe this form of pointed representation to be legitimate. We categorically reject any insinuation of Islamophobic propaganda."


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