Indictment of 'coup' suspects in Macedonia

Macedonian prosecution charged a group of people with planning coup against the government

Updated Jul 28, 2015

On Friday, the Prosecutor’s office for organized crime and corruption of Macedonia claimed that a group of people are planning a coup against the current government.

The opposition leader Zoran Zaev was one of the suspects accused by the prosecutor’s office for planning “coup”.  

Former director of the Security and Counter-Intelligence office Zoran Verusevski was also among the accused group.

The four suspects of the “coup” case group were in custody, and the prosecution explained that they should remain in jail.  While the members of group were detained, Zaev was not held in custody.

The State Prosecutor charged Zoran Zaev of illegal wiretapping, corruption and fraud on Thursday.

The Public Prosecution Office summoned Zoran Zaev and interrogated him for three hours, he was not arrested after the interrogation and he also denied the allegations.

"This is the first case when someone is prosecuted for money with no money involved. This is a procedure that I have personally halted, and released detailed information about a person who wants to set me up for reasons I can only assume. However, since they have already decided to file a complaint, here we are, willing to respect the Law and the Constitution", he said.

Before the opposition leader was charged, Zaev accused the Prime Minister Gruevski and the current government of wiretapping, corruption and fraud. He presented the wiretapped recording of judges and government officials at a press conference, allegedly containing damning information that ministers and government officials tried to commit election fraud.

Currently, both sides have accused each other of illegal wiretapping and corruption.

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