IRA accused as bomb explodes in Northern Ireland

Police alarmed as bomb explodes outside of probation office in Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A bomb has exploded outside a probation office in Londonderry Northern Ireland on April 27 and the Provisional Irish Republican Army (known as IRA or Pira) is accused of being responsible by the police and politicians.

The explosion occurred on late Monday evening in a residential street damaging an unoccupied three storey building at Crawford square.

There were no injuries reported and no one has taken responsibility for the attack, however, the police and politicians held IRA responsible for the attack.

According to AP, Colum Eastwood a politician representing the city’s Irish nationalist majority stated that someone called a suicide hotline claiming to be a member of IRA and informing the police of the location of the bomb in Londonderry.

Eastwood also noted that the information provided was inadequate and was purposely provided on short notice so the police would not have enough time to evacuate local residents.

IRA was established in 1969 which serves in favour of the Irish republicanism ideology and is well known for involvement in criminal activities such as bombings, assassinations, smuggling and robberies.

The group highly condemns sectarianism and sectarian attacks, despite members of the paramilitary group involved in the killing of many protestants and catholics during the periods of 1975-1976 including the Kingsmill massacre.

Tension between the group led for the separation and when the Provisional IRA declared ceasefire in 1997, the new IRA originated from within.

The new IRA still sticks to the ideology of an independent Northern Ireland and continues with violent attacks generally targeting soldiers and police officers.

In March 2009, IRA targeted an engineer regiment in Antrim town, Northern Ireland killing two British soldiers and injuring four others.

Just two days later after the killing of the two soldiers, Constable Stephen Carroll was killed in Craigavon, Northern Ireland.

Tension between police and IRA peaked when the group allegedly tried to bomb a hotel in Londonderry in May 2014 which was meant to host a police recruitment fair.

According to the Telegraph, despite the paramilitary group trying to gain independence grieving families of the many officers and soldiers who were killed by the IRA find the independence a betrayal for the many who have lost their lives.

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